About Us

Create and share your personal or business story/history through art.

Our vision is that the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will be understood and honoured through the creative arts.

Ayeye Atyenhe Art is a partnership of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, initially based on Arrernte land at Alice Springs. We will collaborate with a growing number of Aboriginal artists in the Northern Territory and facilitate the development of unique and authentic Indigenous art. The sale of artworks through this site directly supports and empowers the artists to sustain themselves and to continue to use their talents and skills professionally. A percentage of each sale is also donated to an Indigenous Foundation, to assist people in need.

In the East Arrernte language, ayeye atyenhe (pronounced phonetically as a-year a-chin) means ‘My Story’.  My Story Art.

Our artists create traditional Aboriginal art for sale – painting the stories of their land and their culture. We are excited to also offer a unique opportunity in which Aboriginal artists can tell your story on canvas in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

What is your story?

In Aboriginal culture, relationships are key – central to who people are and how they relate to others and their environment. To understand who a person is you need to understand or appreciate the connections of people to each other and the land that they live on. Art is an expression of the telling, documentation and preservation of these stories. 

At Ayeye Atyenhe Art, we hope to inspire both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to commission our artists to capture their stories on canvas. We invite people to reflect on and share their identities and any significant life experiences, whilst inviting Indigenous culture into their homes and businesses. 

We also hope to educate our customers through our products and raise their awareness and appreciation of Indigenous people.

Our Values

HONOUR of Indigenous peoples, knowledge and culture. 

INTEGRITY in dealing with our culture, our community and the general public.

HONESTY – in all of our dealings with other people as well as being true to ourselves.

RESPECT of Indigenous people, heritage, ways of life, intellectual copyrights and law.

PASSION in what we do and how we do it, always doing our best.

CARE for others, our land, our history and our culture.

We pride ourselves on having great communication skills and we are committed to keeping our clients updated regularly.  We are an Indigenous owned business that empowers Indigenous people.

Ayeye Atyenhe Art gratefully acknowledges the support and assistance from the following organisations: Darwin Innovation Hub, Business Enterprise Centre, Desert Knowledge Australia and Indigenous Business Australia. 

Ayeye Atyenhe Art is a member of the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

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Find out more about us at Ayeye Atyenhe Art. If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to us about commissioning our artists to create a unique artwork that tells your story, please get in touch.

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