Meet our Artists

Ayeye Atyenhe Art is pleased to introduce the talented Indigenous artists who will be supplying their work through us. As we bring more artists on board, we hope to showcase a range of Indigenous art styles, including from Central Australia, East Arnhem Land and elsewhere within the Northern Territory. Our artists can create both traditional and personalised artworks.

Marie Ryder

Marie is excited by the opportunity to share her traditional stories through her art, as well as being able to give a traditional artistic representation to the stories of others.

Marie grew up at Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte) community, 80 kilometres south-east of Alice Springs with her eight younger brothers and sisters. Her mother is Therese Ryder, a highly respected illustrative and landscape artist.

Kevin Bird Mpetyane

Kevin Bird Mpetyane comes from a family of artists. His parents are Paddy and Eileen Bird and his grandmother is Ada Bird Petyarre.
Kevin has inherited dreamtime stories through his lineage, which are associated with his country Ilkarwerne and Mulga Bore region. He is a talented artist, whose works showcase considerable appeal in telling men’s stories from his region.

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