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We can create a personalised artwork that tells your story! The process is simple – it starts with you writing your story in a few lines, as below, then you choose the size and the main colour scheme you would like. If you have any questions, we’re here to help.



Example #1

Paul's Story


The story of Paul’s family – as told to artist Marie Ryder, in 2017. When Paul and Bernadette came together, Paul had a son and a daughter. Bernadette had two sons. Paul has been adopted into an Aboriginal family where his totem is the crocodile (baru) and Bernadette comes from Sri Lanka which is represented by the lion’s paws. They came together and they were married.

Paul's daughter married a man and had two daughters. Paul's son has a partner and they have a daughter. Bernadette's boys (young men) are still living at home with us. Important things in the family are: faith in Creator God, music (with one son playing guitar and another playing double bass) and food.


Artist sketched a visual representation of the story.


Approval was given that the story had been captured accurately


The art piece was completed.

Example #2

Dalgarno Institute - Drug/alcohol education


The following story was told for the Indigenous supplement on drug/alcohol education for the Dalgarno Institute.

Four people are going on a journey to share in an important ceremony, but along the way there one person is invited to use marijuana and goes off-track. As three continue on, another one accepts an invitation to share in some beer and also stops. Leaving two people to now continue to the destination, but another one is pressured to drink alcohol and is led away, so only one person stays strong in his culture and beliefs. Drugs and alcohol will stop you from being the person you are meant to be! The end result is that the last person is able to participate in the ceremony and maintain their culture.


Artist sketched a visual representation of the story.


Approval was given that the story had been captured accurately


The art piece was completed (this is 1200 x 90cm).

Example #3

Marie Ryder


The following story was sent to artist, Marie Ryder in October, 2020.

I am keen to progress the art piece as follows:

Size: 90 x 45 or thereabouts. This would suit our lounge room space available and fits with sizes of some pieces we already have. I would also want to put the piece in a quality frame to match the others.

Colours: The existing pieces are done in fairly heavy darker tones so some balance is needed. I would prefer bright colours with very little ochre, black or brown. I guess yellow, white, greens, blues etc would suit.

Themes: I have been able to get important information for my wife’s story without her knowing what I am up to – I hope. The following are important to her:

  • Being the 1st child in a close, loving family of 12 children and her mother and father
  • Being a very good sportswoman
  • Being a devoted wife and mother of three high achieving children
  • Becoming a mature and much-loved teacher of Indigenous, non-Indigenous and migrant children for many years
  • Living for many years in the Top End.

Initial Sketch

An initial sketch was completed:

Client Changes

Client changes were requested:

  • The netball image was not at all clear to me. I suggest a large ball instead.
  • Teaching a group of kids: the book would be better in the middle of the circle of students to reflect how she teaches.
  • The NT flag looks a little out of place in an Indigenous style work. I suggest that an image of some typical Top End vegetation be used - I personally love palms!
  • I am hoping that the work will be a palette of bright colours but I know that comes later.

Sketch Completed

A new sketch was completed

Further Discussions

Further discussions took place about the content on the art.

I have had another thought after a conversation earlier today. We both love our very humble home which we have lived in since 1980. It is the place where we mainly raised our kids and where we feel safe and very happy. Could we forget the netball and substitute some symbolism around our home and the loving family inside?

In respect of the house, I think having our family of five in the house would be ideal, given that it is still the place where they return to in adulthood. We also love our palm filled garden and the kids grew up with two much loved pets, a cat and dog. I am sure that Marie could work those things in somehow!


Marie Ryder completed the story.

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