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“Each of us has many stories to tell. Stories of success.  Stories of disappointment.  Stories of love and stories of loss. Tell me your story, allow me to sketch and paint it. Then give it prominence so that you can use the art to share your story with others.”

Marie Ryder, Arrernte Artist

Australian Indigenous art

Australian Indigenous art is the oldest ongoing art tradition in the world, with ancient rock carvings dating back more than 30,000 years. Today, the quality and variety of authentic Australian Indigenous art reflects the richness and diversity of the culture that it draws on.

Ayeye Atyenhe Art celebrates and supports the work of talented Indigenous artists from around the Northern Territory, Central Australia and North-East Arnhem Land. We are proud to present their original artworks for purchase, to add to your home or corporate collection. We are launching initially with a style of Central Australia.  We are an Arrernte business, on Arrernte land, with Arrernte artists. 

Ayeye Atyenhe means My Story in the East Arrernte language.  Phonetically it is pronounced a-year a-chin.  My Story Art.

My Story (Ayeye Atyenhe)

Get your story painted

In an exciting first for artists and art collectors alike, Ayeye Atyenhe Art is offering people the opportunity to have their story painted by an Aboriginal artist, using a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques. The result is unique, personal and meaningful. It can even be customised to the client’s preferred size and colour theme.

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Find out more about us at Ayeye Atyenhe Art. If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to us about commissioning our artists to create a unique artwork that tells your story, please get in touch.

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